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January 09, 2015

CyberLink PowerDirector 13 Ultimate Full Version

Description :
Cyberlink PowerDirector 13 is the latest edition of this popular, feature-packed video editor. It is the fastest and most flexible video editing software in the world. Powered by the 64-bit TrueVelocity engine, PowerDirector provides unparalleled speed in rendering HD videos - including support for the latest 4K UltraHD and H.265/HEVC formats. PowerDirector provides the easiest and most flexible design tools to design and customize your transition and title effects.

The program includes everything you need to create professional videos. There's a 100 track timeline to organize your movie, more than 500 effects, transitions and objects to apply; smart filters to stabilize shaky camera work, remove noise and fix lighting issues; powerful audio tools, excellent 3D support, and a huge selection of export options: DVDs, Blu-Rays, a host of video formats, direct uploading to Facebook, YouTube, DailyMotion and more.

What's New:
- 4K video support
- 100 track multicam editing
- Uniques content aware editing
- TrueTheater stabilizer
- Includes effects and templates
- Customizable transition effects
- Animated titles
- Menu designer
- Full HD real-Time preview
- Customizable hotkeys
- Smart Video Rendering Technology 3 (SVRT3)
- Multi-GPU acceleration
- OpenCL support
- Format support
- Flexible output

Crack Size : 283 KB

To Download (Official Installer, 904 MB):

To Download (Latest Updates):

To Download (Crack) :
PASSWORD if needed : 1lappybiz

New Version: CyberLink PowerDirector 14 Ultimate v14.0.2820.0 Full Version

List of hosting site available at Software-Addict : Click Here

How to download : Click Here

New Instructions (Updated on 19th August 2015):
P/S: Ignore the instructions in the Crack file
1. Install the program Setup file.
2. Execute: disable_activation.cmd (double click on it) (on Vista/7/8/8.1, run it as administrator if you have UAC enabled).
3. Run the patch as administrator on Windows Vista/7/8/8.1 and apply it.
4. After applying the patch, you must run the PowerDirector app and open a .mkv file or .MP4 file, the program will ask you to register manually (offline registration), so you only have to enter any response code, for example: "12345-12345" (without quotes).
5. Start regedit. (Go to start menu and type "regedit" and open).
    In regedit windows, browse to Local_Machine >> Software >> Cyberlink >> PowerDirector13 >>     LicenseInfo.
    Change all keys that say Online Activation to Offline Activation.
    Now in regedit Local_Machine >> Software >> Cyberlink >> PowerDirector13 >> UserReg.
    Change Prod_Activate to OfflineCheck. Close regedit.
6. Done.

If you still failed to activate/crack the software, please read this:
- You need to install using the installer (retail installer) provided above.
- Do not use any Trial Version. It will not work with this crack.
- Remember to turn off/disable the real-time protection of your antivirus before using the crack.


  1. thanks a lot ...YOU ARE AWESOME!!!
    got confused with hosts but after 3rd Try ...IT ALL WORKED LIKE A CHARM!!

  2. Replies
    1. We provide crack for this, no product key are needed for this.

  3. i keep getting activation error whenever i put mp4/avi file
    must i disconnet while the install?

    1. nvm, tried it and works fine

  4. please give me Zip password to extract

  5. New Instructions added!! Please ignore the old one in the crack file, I'll update it later. For anyone who've failed to activate it before this : uninstall it, clean with CCleaner and follow the new instructions. Sorry for any inconvenience.

  6. i cant find "disable_activation.cmd". where to locate it?
    btw,i download the file above, including update and crack. now,its still ask me for product key when i start the program.
    thanks in advance

    1. nevermind..its working now..its the patch problem earlier.
      thank u so much..much appreciate your work bro :)

  7. How to get the crack file.. the file disappear after unzip. how does it work , please help

    1. sorry for the late reply, you need to disable the antivirus before unzipping

  8. Good job Aizat, it's work. Many appreciate,,, ;)

    1. You're welcome, thank you for visiting :)

  9. Thanks so much Aizat, works perfectly here :)

  10. great job! Just follow steps....carefully, WITH ANTIVIRUS STOPPED!

  11. 1000000000000% working bro thanku bro

  12. it is asking password can u tell me what is the password for the zip

  13. thanks ... direct download ... not via adfly etc ...

  14. Does it work on Windows 10 64 bit

    1. It supposed to be working.
      And sorry for the late reply.
      End of year, kinda busy lately. ^_^

  15. It crashed before I putting any files.Help



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