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April 24, 2015

UsbFix v7.926

UsbFix is a program designed to fight infections of viruses (malware) that spread through removable drives (USB flash drives, FlashMemory, External Hard Drives, Memory USBs, etc) eradicating them and vaccinating them to prevent future infections.
Currently removable media such as USBs memories are one of the main means of disturbing malware due to the quantity of the Worm developed to spread these types automatically.
UsbFix is evolving in its updates adding new strains emerging. Due to the excellent results that have been obtained with UsbFix, is the utility that we are recommending and which replaces the now obsolete Flash_Disinfector.
Another functions:
- Automatically disable AutoPlay / Autorun
- Repair registry access the Task Manager
- Repairs function Show Hidden files.
The tool will create autorun.inf files (vaccination), which will protect you from future infections.

Size : 3.88 MB

To Download:

PASSWORD if needed : 1lappybiz

List of hosting site available at Software-Addict : Click Here

How to download : Click Here


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