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December 29, 2016

Total Commander v9.00a Full Version

If you've ever thought that Windows Explorer is not the most optimal and fast way to work with folders and files, if you think it's a slow system, you have to use Total Commander. Total Commander significantly improves Windows Explorer, 'duplicating' its utility thanks to its two windows in parallel to perform operations with files. An appearance and layout reminiscent of the famous "Commander Norton" DOS. In addition to the double panel, its main features are an FTP client integrated in the program, an integrated compressor and decompressor (compatible with ZIP, RAR, ARJ, ACE, LHA, TAR ...) and a useful file renamer.

Recent Changes:
14.12.16 Release Total Commander 9.0a final (32/64)
- 14.12.16 Fixed: Mapped USB drives or network drives added after starting TC would show up with internal icon / disconnected when using Explorer icons and no buttonbar drive (32/64)
- 13.12.16 Fixed: Network Neighborhood: Entries which appeared with a delay being shown as files, not folders (32/64)
- 13.12.16 Fixed: Standalone install64.exe ignored UserName = line in install.inf when auto-installing. Furthermore, the line userforicons = was unused (64)
- 13.12.16 Fixed: Clear pending numeric coprocessor exceptions also before dispatching Windows messages to reduce problems with C / C ++ plugins and extensions (32)
- 12.12.16 Fixed: Unpack files with forbidden characters? * | <> Also from 7zip and rar archives, partial support for packer plugins too (32/64)
- 12.12.16 Fixed: Disabled the fix "Support invalid ZIP archives with UTF-8-encoded names but missing UTF-8 flag (created by Dropbox)" on systems with double byte charsets like Chinese, Detected as UTF-8 (32/64)
- 11.12.16 Fixed: Alt + F5 re-pack files from within an archive, no target path given (eg rar: newfile.rar) -> archive was created in TEMP dir, need to insert current directory (32/64)
- 11.12.16 Fixed: Lister (F3): Search for regular expressions in UTF-8 and UTF-16 modes did not handle backslashes correctly, had to enter \\\ instead of \\ to find a single backslash (32/64)
- 11.12.16 Fixed: Auto switch mode: sort order was lost when restarting TC while in an archive, and view mode of parent directory had sort order to "unchanged" (32/64)
- 11.12.16 Fixed: Reduced flickering when pressing ESC while not in command line (32/64)
- 11.12.16 Fixed: Quick filter: Filter icon was drawn 1 pixel too high, separator line was overdrawn (32/64)
- 11.12.16 Fixed: Brief view, select all, select nothing, select all -> total number of files was no longer shown in footer (32/64)
- 08.12.16 Fixed: In rare cases, TC may start with empy file panels. To fix, add to wincmd.ini [Configuration] FixEmptyPanel = 1 (32/64)

Size : 13.75 MB

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