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January 08, 2017

Inkscape v0.92

Inkscape is a powerful editor specialized in vectorial drawing with which you will achieve incredible results with a few clicks and without complicated operations.
With Inkscape you will have support for most digital graphic files, a palette of tools to draw and add figures and lines and the possibility of retouching each element that you add individually and without affecting the rest of the composition.

One of the strongest points of Inkscape is its varied selection of filters and effects. Thanks to them you can add textures, retouch the color and light of an object and achieve professional drawings.

Inkscape is an open and free project, constantly evolving and with a community behind it that provides documentation to take advantage of all its possibilities.

Creating Objects
- Drawing tools: pencil (free drawing with a simple stroke), pen (creates lines Bezier, Spiro or straight), calligraphic (drawing freehand through decaminos with filling to represent calligraphic strokes)
- Shape tools: rectangles (with optional rounded edges), ellipses (including circles, arcs and segments), star / polygon (can be rounded and / or random), spirals
- Text tool (simple or paragraphs, direct complete editing on the canvas)
- Embedded images (with a command to embed and convert selected objects into images)
- Cloning (linking copies of objects "live"), includes a tool to create patterns and realign copies

Manipulation of objects
- Transformation (move, scale, rotate and distort) interactively or by specifying their exact values
- Depth operations (sorting on the Z axis, towards the viewer or backwards)
- Grouping objects ("select within group" without ungrouping or opening a group to select its contents as if it were a new imaginary layer)
- Layers (blocking and / or hiding, sorting, etc., nested layers)
- Alignment and distribution commands

Fill and border
- Color selection (RGB, HSL, color wheel)
- Eyedropper tool for color selection
- Copy / paste styles
- Gradient editor with multiple color limits
- Pattern fill (images / vectors)
- Dotted borders, with many predefined styles
- Markers on the path (beginning, end, eg arrowhead)

Tracking operations
- Node editor: edition of nodes or Bezier handlers, alignment and distribution of nodes, etc.
- Convert to path (for text or shapes), including convert border to path
- Boolean operations
- Simplification of tracings with variable magnitude
- Expansion or contraction of paths, dynamically or linked
- Plotting bitmaps (the resulting plot in color or grayscale)

Text support
- Plain text or paragraph
- Use any source on your system other than a bitmap, including right-to-left writing
- Kerning (line spacing) and line spacing
- Text to stroke (text and stroke will continue to be modified)
- Text in shape (Fill shape following edge)

- Display with antialising
- Transparent PNG support, both for export and import
- Interactive rendering during object transformation

- Editing and viewing document source code in the XML editor
- Export to PNG, OpenDocument drawing, DXF, sk1, PDF, EPS and PostScript among others
- Conversion and export options from the command line
- Creating and modifying files under the standard SVG format

Recent Changes (1/1/2017):
- Mesh Gradients are now supported.
- Many SVG2 and CSS3 properties are now supported (eg paint-order, mix-blend-mode). Not all are available from the GUI.
- The new Object dialog allows you to select, label, hide, and lock any object in the drawing from a dialog that lists them all
- Selection sets make it possible to 'group' objects together regardless of document structure
- Guides can now be locked to avoid accidental movement
- Several new path effects have been added, including Envelope / Perspective, Lattice Deformation, Mirror and Rotate Copies
- There are several new extensions (eg a seamless pattern extension) and a new filter (colorblindness simulation) included in the release, many extensions have been updated or got new features
- Spray tool and measure tool received from set of nifty new features
- Interactive smoothing for lines created with the Pencil tool
- BSplines (and more) are available for the Pen Tool
- Checkerboard background can be used more easily see object transparencies

Size : 51.1 MB

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