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March 01, 2017

FileSeek Pro v5.2.1 + Portable Full Version

FileSeek searches for text strings and words within the files on the hard drive and external drives.
Many times we do not know which file is what we want to find so that checking it would mean having to open the files one at a time. Fileseek avoids having to undertake that heavy task.

To use the program correctly we only have to indicate a search path, the types of files to look for and those in which we do not. If you want to search at all you have to type *. * In the Include field. Finally, only the search word (Query) must be indicated. FileSeek will find the files that contain it.

Recent Changes (24th Nov 2016):
- Notice: FileSeek no longer supports Windows XP or Vista. To use FileSeek with these operating systems, you will need to use an older version of FileSeek
- Notice: Now requires the .NET Framework 4.6 (installed automatically if needed)
- Change: General UI and font improvements

Size : 9.21 MB

To Download (Keygen Included):
Media1Fire, OpenloadMegaMirrorCreator

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How to download: Click Here


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