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December 27, 2016

WYSIWYG Web Builder v11.6 Full Version

Descriptions :
With WYSIWYG Web Builder you can easily create a standard web page without having any knowledge of HTML. It is a utility focused on users with less experience in this type of task, which is very reminiscent of the HTML editor that was integrated with Windows (FrontPage Express) and includes all those tools you may need in designing and publishing your Personal web page.

The program gives you absolute freedom when it comes to "placing" on the web the various elements that integrate it; You just have to create them (text area, images, tables, links, forms, Flash, etc.) and put them where you want, distributing them on the surface of the web with a simple mouse movement. More advanced users can also edit and insert HTML code when they need it.

You can also add extra elements like ready-to-use JavaScript fragments, roll-over images or even coloring the browser scroll bars.

Once you have your finished web page, you can publish it using the FTP client integrated in WYSIWYG Web Builder.

Recent Changes (21st December 2016) :
- Fixed: Child objects get horizontal offset when dragging a floating layer outside the viewport.
- Fixed: Issues with links in Blog / Article text editor.
- Improved: When something goes wrong during Local publish, the application will now display a system error message instead of silently failing ...
- Improved: Implemented workaround for issue with Symbols under Windows 10 (anniversary update)
- Improved: Increased the maximum number of extensions to 250 (instead of 200). Note that this functionality is experimental! The current number of maxium extensions is system related because Windows can only load a limited number of DLLs per process.
- New feature: Now includes FontAwesome 4.7 with 41 new icons.

Size : 31.5 MB

To Download (Keygen Included) :

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