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October 13, 2013

Computeractive Issue 407 2013 (UK) PDF Version

Description : 

Run XP forever, don't let Microsoft force you to upgrade. Read your ebooks on any device. Your PC can go even faster. Best speed tips no one ever told you about. Make old PCs last longer. Stop things taking ages. Remove hidden junk. Fastest hardware, cheapest prices. ...Oh, and you can get faster broadband too!. Download huge files faster, no matter how slow your broadband. Why you must buy Google's new Nexus 7 and more.

Page : 76

Size : 87.01 MB

To Download (PDF Version) :

How to download :
1. Click the link
2. Wait for 5 seconds countdown at the top right side
3. Click 'Skip Ad'
4. Ready to Download


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