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October 23, 2013

Defraggler v2.16.809

Description : 

Defraggler is a small utility for Windows computers that allows you to defrag your system hard drives. Altough Windows already has its defragmentation tool, Defraggler has several unique features that other applications can not overcome.

Defraggler has the capacity to streamline the computer by placing all the parts of a file in the same section of the hard drive. When Windows accesses the file, you only need to look at the part of the disk, thus increasing processing speed.

Defraggler also intends to move all your files to the hard disk starting to open faster.

Simply launch Defraggler, select the file or folder and will defrag in seconds.

Features :

- Defrsgment individual files.
- It is compact and portable.
- Support for all Windows systems launched since 2000 to the present.
- Quickly find the files on the drive showing those who are more fragmented.

Recent Changes :

- Added Windows 8.1 support.
- Added SSD optimization for Windows 8.
- Added Samsung and JMicron SSD TRIM optimization.
- Enhaced Solid State Drive detection accuracy.
- Improved search procedure for finding small files.
- Updated translations.
- Minor GUI improvements.
- Minor bug fixes.

Size : 3.97 MB

To Download :

Password :

How to download :
1. Click the link
2. Wait for 5 seconds countdown at the top right side
3. Click 'Skip Ad'
4. Ready to Download
5. Extract it by using the password :
6. Report to us if you find that any link is dead


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