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January 30, 2017

HandBrake v1.0.2

HandBrake is a video conversion SUV designed to squeeze video and DVD files to extract all the juice.
Thanks to HandBrake profiles, you can convert movies to watch them seamlessly on your iPod, iPhone or AppleTV.

HandBrake lets you perform different tasks along with conversion, such as adding subtitles to your movies and new audio channels, changing the resolution of the video, or cutting a bit by removing the edges.

- Multi-platform, multi-threaded Video transcoder
- Video coding with a universal format (H.264, MPEG-4, MPEG-2, Theora)
- File formats (MP4 and MKV)
- Audio coding (and transit) - AAC, MP3, FLAC, AC3, DTS, DTSHD, etc.
- Subtitle Support (SRT, SSA, VOBSub, Closed Captionss)
- Filters (DeInterlace, DeTelecine, Deblocking, Cropping, Scaling)
- Chapters / Chapters
- Common use case presets

Recent Changes (23rd Jan 2017):
### All platforms
#### Video
- Fixed point to point encoding end point When using frames as the unit
- Improve Error handling for libdvdread and libavcodec decoders

Audio ####
- Fixed an issue Where bit rate encoder fallback was not set Properly

Subtitles ####
- Fixed incorrect duration for UTF-8 subtitles
- Fixed an issue Causing additional blank lines for UTF-8 subtitles in MKV

### Linux
- Fixed an issue dragging and dropping Sometimes preventative Between folders of presets
- Miscellaneous bug fixes

Mac ###
- Fixed video encoder options not reset When changing encoders
- Fixed incomplete encodes Where the chapter count differs on queued items
- Fixed not working in prevention sleep Certain scenarios
- Fixed automatic naming for EyeTV bundles
- Added additional checks to Prevent source file Overwriting
- Miscellaneous bug fixes

### Windows
- Fixed video encoder options not reset When changing encoders
- Fixed subtitles behaviors defaults to Improve how tracks are added
- Fixed issues related to source setting maximum and custom picture modes
- Fixed point to point settings When editing a queued job
- Fixed When Done controls not updating correctly on various screens
- Fixed split buttons not working correctly on audio and subtitles tabs
- Fixed destination path and file name Error checking
- Fixed potential crash by disabling OpenCL detection When the scaler is not set to OpenCL Bicubic (workaround for broken system drivers)
- Fixed a potential crash When QSV is supported but disabled at the BIOS level
- Fixed memory leaks in the QSV encoder
- QSV Added detection for Intel CPUs Kaby Lake
- Miscellaneous bug fixes

Size: 19.7 MB

To Download (FREE):

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