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January 05, 2017

KMPlayer v4.1.5.6 (KMP Plus)

KMP is a versatile media player with support for many types of video and audio formats.
You can play any multimedia file without installing any additional codec, since KMP has its own internal codecs, although you can also use external codecs if you want. Using the internal codecs it is possible to enable additional functions such as audio filters for AAC, OGG, etc. formats. KMP has support for all codecs included in ffdshow. KMP is ideal for users who do not want to install more than the player without the inconveniences of installing codecs for each format. Processing using internal codecs also allows for increased performance on computers with limited resources.

Files or supported devices:
- HTTP transmission (AVI etc., including media files without transmission)
- Directshow playback (avi, mkv etc.)
- Real Engine + Directshow (requires Real Player or Alternative)
- QuickTime Engine + Directshow (requires QuickTime or Alternative player)
- MPlayer Engine support
- Compatibility with the Winamp input plugin (decoder)
- Compatibility with compressed audio album (zip, rar)
- Audio CD (only 2000, XP / Win9x - compatible with the Winamp plugin)
- CD / SVCD / XCD video: CDXA format (2000, XP only)
- DVD playback
- DTS Wave and AC3 files
- Compatibility with WDM devices such as TV or camera
- CD image file (BIN / ISO / IMG / NRG); NRG needs mplayer.dll
- Shoutcast (including NSV)
- AAC Analyzer / Decoder, OGG
- Shockwave Flash / FLC / FLI
- Ape / MPC / FLAC / Module etc.
- Various image files like png, gif etc.
- Incomplete / damaged AVI file (omitted damaging frames)
- Blocked media files while downloading or sharing

Integrated codecs / filters:
- Video codec
- MPEG4 (DivX / Xvid: ffmpeg / xvid)
- MPEG1 / 2 (ffmpeg / libmpeg)
- etc. (Ffmpeg)
- Audio codec
- AC3 / DTS / LPCM / MPG / MP3 / OGG / AAC / WMA
- Expansion of 2 channels to multiple channels
- External codec
- Medium priority for connecting between Directshow, Real, QT, Winamp and MPlayer
- Custom Filter Manager
- System Filter Manager

- Winamp input plugins
- Winamp DSP Plugins (can be stacked)
- Winamp visual plugins (can be stacked)
- Winamp general plugins (compatibility with Multimedia Library etc.)
- KMP Video Plugins by SDK (can be stacked)

- DScaler filter support (can be stacked)

Recent Changes:
- + Main Splitter Upgrade
- Previous Internal KMP Splitter upgraded to Internal LAV Splitter
- Splitter Preferences Upgraded
- Previous Gabest Splitter has been removed
- LAV Video / Audio Decoder has been updated
- Version 0.66.0 Applied
- + Intel® RealSense ™ Compatible
- + KMP Thema Capability Added
- Language Updated (United States: English)
- Subtitle "Windows Standard Output (GDI)" process upgraded when in DirectDraw usage
- Korea: Flash Advertisements Removed
- Video thumbnail "not in use" set as default

Size : 36.0 MB

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