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February 01, 2017

AutoPlay Media Studio v8.5.0.1 Full Version

Visual development tool to create applications with CD and DVD autoplay (autorun) from Windows. It is the easiest and fastest way to create autoplay menus for any CD or DVD we have. 
Used by companies as prestigious as 3Com, Intel, Lucent and Motorola, it is a much better way to create spectacular presentation screens and effective than other multimedia development tools as Director. 
For creations we can use almost any type of media, from Flash to MPEG files including fields, boxes, WMP and IE objects. Supports "undo" unlimited, mooring toolbox, predefined styles and projects, anti-aliasing, transparent windows and many other options, sufficient grounds to turn Autoplay Menu Studio much more than a simple program.

Recent Changes:
This release contains the following bug fixes:
- Feature: Added SHA-256 code signing support.
- Feature: Added the ability to dual-sign apps (SHA-256 and SHA-1).
- Feature: Added a password field for the code signing certificate(s).
- Feature: Added a few items to the ‘System.GetOSProductInfo’ action’s constants.
- Change: Removed support for signing with signcode.exe, instead use signtool.exe.
- Fix: Fixed a bug in the ‘Registry.GetValueNames’ action which caused it to fail.
- Fix: Made an attempt to prevent an occasional build error from occurring duing the manifest injection step due to a timing issue.
- Fix: Fixed a bug in the ‘ListBox.SetVisible’ action where it was not working correctly if ‘Checklist box’ was enabled.
- Fix: Made the ‘Clipboard.IsTextAvailable’ plugin action return false if there was a text entry on the clipboard, but it’s data was empty. Updated version to
- Fix: Fixed an issue where the File Layout dialog could crash in some situations.
- Fix: Changed references in AutoPlay from Windows Server 10 to Windows Server 2016.
- Fix: Reset the internal last error code in a location where it was being returned from GetLastError. No actual error was occurring.

Size: 72.38 MB

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