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February 01, 2017

Opera v42.0.2393.137

Opera is an excellent browser with unbeatable support for the latest web standards, fast, capable and with a lot of added features.
The same engine as Chrome
Opera integrates the Chromium engine, using the same Google Chrome. The use of Chromium guarantees excellent performance when loading pages and greater stability of the browser.

Among the most outstanding features of Opera is the Speed ​​Dial, which allows you to manage your favorite pages in a very intuitive way. You can select your favorite pages and view them in miniature before opening them.

The Stacks function allows you to store web pages for later reference.

The Discover feature, in turn, offers a selection of world news, whose theme you can modify to suit your interests.

Organize your bookmarks
In the bookmark manager, my favorite sites appear as images. Something totally new! Rearranging them to my liking is very simple; I just have to select and drag them. I can also share them with anyone I want. What other web browser makes it so easy?

Browse fast
in Opera we have put to work for you to browse faster. We have integrated technology to make videos load faster. Even on slow internet connections, Opera Turbo will compress the pages so that navigation is always faster. And the built-in PDF reader shows documents directly in the browser, without having to download them first. Thanks to all this, we can say that Opera is a really fast browser.

A browser as
I have in my hands more than 1,000 extensions to expand and improve the capacity and safety of the Opera browser. I can also adapt it to my style with a great variety of subjects. I just have to enter the Opera Extensions catalog and download the themes and extensions that I like the most. I have no doubt that this is the best browser.

Search and browse without complications
Opera has combined address bar and search bar and surf the Internet is now even easier. I can choose from a variety of preinstalled engines like Google, Yahoo! and Wikipedia, and I can also add any other you need. I love my browser.

A secure browser
with Opera I know my information is safe. Fraud and malware protection helps me identify malicious websites and warns me if any website tries to cheat me, steal my password or install a virus.

VIP access to your favorite sites
on the screen quick access the sites I have visited more. From there I can reorganize them, add new sites and sort them into folders. With quick access, I have my favorite sites in my hands. In addition, the bookmarks, history and settings of my previous browser are already imported. It is very easy to configure Opera in my way.

The information you care
With the Discover feature, have the latest and most interesting content on my web browser. I can choose from several categories available in my region and in my language.

Recent Changes:
Hi, It's yet another quick update Stable due to some Mac crashes we've found. We have also fixed Chinese font issue on Linux. Full changelog. Installation links: Stable Opera for Windows Opera for OS-X Stable Stable Opera for Linux - deb packages Stable Opera for Linux - RPM packages

Size: 86.4 MB

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